We partnered up
with MENS to build
a New Era for retail.

Mens First Collection represents a culture of research where functional and technical garments are unique, distinct, mesmerizing and has set out to rethink the quality for menswear.

Based on an initiative to embrace the current trends in a sophisticated manner, MENS operates on two aspects: a sub-cultural founded lifestyle store and a constantly evolving retail establishment. Each product is initiated to honor and challenge traditional perceptions of TechWear according to new requirements of use.

We Achieved

Once the business objectives were addressed and the strategic recommendations delivered, arfy embarked on a complete rebranding highlighting the new looks and MENS products in a more prominent and up-to-date way. Thus, User experience (UX) was based on optimizing the conversion rate. Performance at the center of discussions.

Deliver a full omnichannel experience.
Implement a performance marketing plan.

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Total sales growth
compared to previous year.
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Conversion growth
compared to previous year.
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Online sessions growth
compared to previous year.
Our process

Map all technical and business requirements and dependencies, identify the right technological platforms and define the project’s strategic orientations and site’s architecture.

Our ideas

Define the user experience principles, tone and manner and visual guidelines through a UX/UI module-based approach. Turn mockups into a fully functioning digital product built on a Content Management System, while keeping SEO and performance as a focus.

Our experience

10 years of experience in eCommerce and Brand Identity allows us to work with start-ups and established brands alike, generating millions of dollars in yearly sales, with an AOV (average order value) of up to $420, for our clients.

MENS represents
the personification of thought.

Our goal is to grow MENS performance marketing with user segmentations, retargeting and advertising on product listings through SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing and contests.

We love to create you
Love to be satisfied.