Tiger of Sweden generated 20% of total revenue online in a few months and developed its activity to the US.

With the first flagship store in North America, Tiger of Sweden launched a fully integrated online store and POS in one year. Prior to that point, Tiger of Sweden (Montreal) had no online presence. This is a company with history; the Swedish brand was founded in 1903. More than 10 decades later, Tiger of Sweden has gone digital and is bringing customers along for the ride.

Create an effective online store driven by a strong omnichannel strategy and convert current customers to digital. With a long history of organizational and retail success, Tiger of Sweden knew they had to get their digital plan right in order to convert their local clients to fully integrated while simultaneously reaching new customers but also reducing fraudes.

The Scandinavian’s fashion retailer created an on-brand omnichannel environment that is visually engaging through lookbooks, products videos and an overall aesthetic, created by their in-house stylists and Intervalle’s design team.


Convert current customers to omnichannel by creating an on-board digital experience that has the in-store feel of the different cut created by Tiger of Sweden, manageable seamlessly through a strong dual link interconnection.

Tiger of Sweden believes that a striving towards sustainability is important for the betterment of our planet, the industry and the society overall. To them, this strive is what defines modern and responsible companies.

The brand wants to work actively and inclusively to change the industry they are in, through developing sustainable fashion in collaborative and innovative ways.

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