Electronic sport’s industry is growing and Vagabonds wanted to get their seat into the North American market. The Canadian brand therefore called on the services of Intervalle to create a powerful visual identity but above all in synergy with its values: Bring Gamers together.

The Mission

Vagabonds started from an idea of someone passionate but with no expertise online. The Canadian Organization needed to find the perfect fit that will be able to team up with and create a brand who follows its identity.

Converting new streamers and professional gamers to join the journey was the first concern for Vagabonds. They needed somewhere to present all their services and knowledge about gaming and esports. The fight would be almost won if they were able to share their vision, passion and strategy into the website.

The first point was to expose Vagabonds as a precursor of electronic sport in Quebec and to showcase its many talents, which are 100% women. The second was to be able to gather gamers together, no matter where they come from or whoever they are.

Vagabonds is
our story

The team wanted to be able to sell their goods on the website and be able to use it as a window for potential new members. They knew that content is important so they needed a partner that was also able to create videos according to their field and display it on the website.

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Love to be satisfied.